Must-Have Guitar Accessories before Starting to Play

Ask any guitarist and you’ll find out that they have one or more gadgets to help them out with playing the guitar. It might be a gadget to bring a unique sound, a gadget to make it quicker to change the strings, or just to be comfortable when playing.

Regardless, you’ll have to buy at least one guitar accessory if you truly want to learn the ways of the guitar.

Since there are many companies out there that advertises their guitar products (even if it’s not necessary), it’s making it more difficult for you to know what you really need.

So, let’s solve that with this list of the must-have guitar accessories that you can’t live without!

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Okay, this is common knowledge. You can’t play a guitar without any strings, but that’s not the only point. You may already have strings attached to your guitar, but you still have to have spare strings.

Order some before you buy other accessories that we’ll talk about today. Strings are the only really necessities when playing a guitar, so running out of them will leave you unable to play.

Since strings have to be changed once in a while to ensure that the guitar will sound the same or even better, a winder might be necessary for you, too.

String Winder

Let me guess, you don’t know what a string winder is. That comes naturally when you’re just a beginner; professionals are usually the only ones using this.

A string winder is a guitar accessory for changing the strings on your guitar, but what sets it apart is the fact that it makes the process quicker and easier.

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When your guitar is already setup with perfect strings and you have some spare ones, you can now start playing the guitar, but can you?

It is essential that your guitar is in tune. Most professionals know how to tune it themselves, but when you are starting, it’s better to buy a tuner, until you learn how to tune it yourself.

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Your guitar is now in tune, but since you’re a beginner, you only know a few chords. Perhaps you want to play a song with chords you don’t know, like barre chords.

Then a capo is definitely for you! A capo can be placed on any fret so you can easily play songs that have chords you don’t know of.

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Sometimes, when you’re starting out, the tip of your fingers will hurt whenever you play for a long time. Picks will help you with that, and they can even help you play notes individually.


If you’re planning on playing a guitar while standing up, then a strap is a must-have guitar accessory for you. Besides, you don’t have to look for the best strap. Any strap works.


There you have it. If you’re really looking to improve your guitar skills as fast as possible, then these accessories will help you achieve that. However, don’t rely on them too much, especially the tuner.

How to Use Guitar Accessories like an Expert

After buying guitar accessories, the next challenge you’ll encounter is using them. While there are many known ways to use certain accessories, some of them are actually wrong and shortens their lifespan.

Whether you want to tune your guitar, change your guitar strings, use a guitar cable, or set up the stand, you need to know how professionals are using them.

So today, you’ll learn how to use guitar accessories so that you’ll be able to use them longer before buying another.

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Tuning Your Guitar, the Right Way

First thing you need to know is the notes when tuning, from thickest to thinnest are:

E, A, D, G, B, E

By turning each of the “machine heads” (the small keys you’ll see at the end of the guitar), you can adjust the pitch. Since everyone has their own preference, that’s up to you. But if you want to sound just like everybody else, use an electrical tuner.

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Changing Your Guitar Strings the Right Way

First, loosen the strings by using the tuning key. After it’s loosened, you can then remove the bridge pin which holds the end of the strings.

Now insert the new string and do the reverse of everything you did, insert the bridge pin, and then tighten using the tuning key.

For the finishing touch, cut using a wire cutter any excess string.


There are countless people that know how to play a guitar, so you might find it frustrating that you can’t set yourself apart from others. But if you know how to use the guitar accessories that you have the right way, you will also know how to make it so that you will sound differently and play differently than everyone else.