How to Use Guitar Accessories like an Expert

After buying guitar accessories, the next challenge you’ll encounter is using them. While there are many known ways to use certain accessories, some of them are actually wrong and shortens their lifespan.

Whether you want to tune your guitar, change your guitar strings, use a guitar cable, or set up the stand, you need to know how professionals are using them.

So today, you’ll learn how to use guitar accessories so that you’ll be able to use them longer before buying another.

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Tuning Your Guitar, the Right Way

First thing you need to know is the notes when tuning, from thickest to thinnest are:

E, A, D, G, B, E

By turning each of the “machine heads” (the small keys you’ll see at the end of the guitar), you can adjust the pitch. Since everyone has their own preference, that’s up to you. But if you want to sound just like everybody else, use an electrical tuner.

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Changing Your Guitar Strings the Right Way

First, loosen the strings by using the tuning key. After it’s loosened, you can then remove the bridge pin which holds the end of the strings.

Now insert the new string and do the reverse of everything you did, insert the bridge pin, and then tighten using the tuning key.

For the finishing touch, cut using a wire cutter any excess string.


There are countless people that know how to play a guitar, so you might find it frustrating that you can’t set yourself apart from others. But if you know how to use the guitar accessories that you have the right way, you will also know how to make it so that you will sound differently and play differently than everyone else.