5 Reasons Yousician Is A No Brainer For Learning To Play The Guitar

With so many modern technology’s gifts to the music education, you now have the option to learn how to play any instrument without going to a traditional music class. There are many amazing and helpful apps available online for beginners, but today we will discuss why Yousician is absolutely a must for any one who is just starting out.

This app is one of the easiest ways to learn to play the guitar, however, the best part is that it also makes the process fun, engaging and challenging. These traits has allowed Yousician users/learners to understand basic concepts without fearing the subject or by getting overwhelmed by the new information and/or techniques to be learned.

Different Yousician reviews focus on its many advantageous features. However, there some common reasons as to why it is perfect for someone who just decided to learn how to play guitar, and they are:

1. Compatible with All

Adding guitar lessons in your daily “to-do list” can make your already scheduled day a bit hectic. Hence, you will need a fast and easy method to learn how to play your guitar at your preferred time and place. Yousician is available in all the major platforms like Linux, Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. The app will work for both acoustics and electric guitars and there is no need to connect your instrument with cords or cables.

2. Yousician Is Designed for Beginners

Different reviews will explain in detail that the very structure of Yousician is designed to help the user to understand the basic concept of guitar playing. First off, there is a built-in tuner and easy-to-follow home display. The step-by-step method of teaching and video tutorials with real-time feedback providing options in Yousician is great, but what sets it apart from most apps for beginners is that it provides a gameplay format. So, you will learn to play the guitar with the help of three different game modes. These modes are: Missions sections, Songs sections and Challenges sections.

Each section is different providing unique, fun ways by which a beginner can learn how to play the guitar. Each sections comes with their own set of features and advantages. Andrea’s Guitar Universe’s detailed Yousician review goes more in depth on these.

3. Exciting and Competitive Nature

Much of the gameplay involves sight reading the instrument’s tablature that is harmonized with the backing track of the selected song. So, you need to pass a level by hitting the note right. Along with these, the weekly challenges and leadership board’ gameplay format will keep the user entertained, excited and keen to be better at playing his/her guitar.

Those who have some concept of guitar playing will argue that the program is boring, yet many Yousician reviews have discussed the different pros of having a challenge based or gameplay like music lessons for compete newbies.

4. Great Song Selection

The app contains many popular and unique songs from all genres collected from different artists from different era. So, the user can either pick his/her favourite or learn from all genres. Besides, having such a large collection also allows the user to separately learn different skills with the help Barre Chord Songs, Shredding Solos, Songs with Riffs and so on. You will also have the option to share your very own songs on it. The song collection is updated frequently which also keeps the learning process engaging.

5. Both Free and Paid Service

This application also provides both free and paid services. As most beginners do not wish to spend a huge amount on his/her guitar lessons, Yousician can help such beginners by providing free yet informative guitar lessons. On the other hand, with the paid option you can get advance features that can further improve your playing style and knowledge. Furthermore, the fact that this app offers different monthly as well as yearly subscription packages at different price range for both single and multiple instruments will help a beginner to find his/her preference with trial and error’ method. The reviews also mentioned that the subscription procedure is easy to follow and provides different packages for instruments other than guitar as well like Bass Guitar, Ukulele, Piano etc.

So, there you have it, 5 common reasons why the user-friendly app Yousician is a No Brainer for learning how to play the guitar.  This was suppose to be a quick introduction to the but there are many extensive reviews of Yousician available online all discussing the major pros of this app and its usefulness for beginners.